Meh :


by Jeremysimmons — v1.2

United States, Sep 12, 2012


Most text with city name stacked on top of other text.


Sunrise Clock

Very useful app :


by bquin — v1.2

United States, Aug 28, 2012

Love this app. Very useful for sun info. To obtain best accuracy, manually input latitude and longitude in decimal degrees. Three wishes:

1. Paid app to remove ads

2. Use the 2 extra screens for moon info (rise/set and phase)

3. Add transit info for sun and moon

This would make the app very complete.

Thanks to the developer for such a useful and free app.

Sunrise Clock

Wonderful :


by Teresita13 — v1.2

United States, Aug 20, 2012

Great app, only 3 complaints but still love it:

1) wish it ran in landscape

2) wish it showed midday times

3) there should be an obvious note at first startup that location services needs to be turned on – if it’s not, it just hangs repeatedly and never lets you manually enter a location

Sunrise Clock

Nice piece of work :


by cuttlefish310 — v1.2

Australia, 26-Jun-2012

Does everything it claims and nothing else you really could ask for!

Sunrise Clock

Very good :


by Cold VB — v1.2

Australia, 15-May-2012

Works as it said

Sunrise Clock

Very pleased :


by Lab1234 — v1.2

United Kingdom, 11-Apr-2012

It works in my UK location and will be so useful

Sunrise Clock

Está bien :


by Iphonizado80 — v1.2

Espana, 25-Mar-2012

Está genial pero no permite señalar el horario de verano en otra ubicacion, te recoge la hora actual de tu ubicacion pero si seleccionas otra ciudad lo ves en horario de invierno. A ver si corrigen esto para que este perfecto

Sunrise Clock

I Love This App! :


by Dawnera — v1.2

United States, Mar 8, 2012

This is a very simple app but it delivers what it promises. Gives you the exact times for Astronomical, Nautical, and Civil Dawn and Dusk, uses GPS to determine your location, shows the times for the whole month or the next. The app allows you to choose other locations than your own, and it comes with five customizable alarm clocks. I find myself using this several times a day. Hey, it’s free; what’s not to like?

Sunrise Clock

Does the job :


by Hapulín — v1.2

Espana, 28-Jan-2012

And works fine

3D Zoo

Cool app :


by Cool mk — v1.0

United States, Jan 26, 2012

I thought it was cool and good 4 kidz

Sunrise Clock

Leuke gratis app zonder reclame !! :


by Q-color — v1.2

Nederland, 26-Jan-2012

Leuke gratis app zonder reclame !!

Je kunt heel simpel voor elke dag van het jaar, van elke plaats op de wereld zien hoe laat de zon opkomt en ondergaat.

Sunrise Clock

Good but could be so much better :


by captain-jon — v1.2

United Kingdom, 25-Jan-2012

If anything this app is let down by the 12 hour clock when it should also have 24hour clock, and let’s face it those who are needing twilight times are probably working in 24 hour times.

Also I would reorder the times so for dawn they are astro, nautical, civil, sunrise, sunset and for dusk sunrise, sunset, civil, nautical and astro. I.e. they are chronological.

Future additions would be moon and possibly planets.

Sunrise Clock

Вполне :


by KycT89 — v1.2

Russia, 24-Jan-2012

Годная программа, но до удобства sundroid ей далеко.

Sunrise Clock

very good! :


by vkbreeze — v1.2

China, 01-Jan-2012

非常好用!对于摄影爱好者来说是必备的!very good!

Sunrise Clock

Gut :


by Ufra-de — v1.2

Deutschland, 27.12.2011

… Tut was es soll .. und umsonst … was will man mehr…

Sunrise Clock

OK, but… :


by Dekopönttö — v1.2

Finland, 21-Dec-2011

Degenerate AM/PM system, impossible to select 24-hour format

Sunrise Clock

Top! :


by perezdel — v1.2

Deutschland, 10.12.2011

Genau was ich gesucht hatte!

Sunrise Clock

More informative than the paid apps :


by Croissant Boy — v1.2

United Kingdom, 15-Oct-2011

Pros: This is the only app I have been able to find that also lists nautical and astronomical twilight times as well, and it helpfully shows all the times for a chosen month in a single view. It’s also FREE!

Cons: Only works in portrait, setting locations is a bit clunky.

Sunrise Clock

Text overlapping :


by — v

United Kingdom,

Overall a good app, with good information.

Problem: All the text overlaps one another and general un-balanced design. Although the graphics are very pleasing to the eye.

Needs a few tweaks and I’d four star it

Sunrise Clock

Missing obvious feature :


by Jerel2u — v1.2

United States, Oct 1, 2011

Alarm at local sunrise or sunset! Duh! That’s all I really want from an alarm app, since the phone comes with an alarm clock app, why reinvent the wheel?

Sunrise Clock



by Xxjulesxxify — v1.2

Australia, 25-Sep-2011

Awesome app great work guys shows my exact location love it

Sunrise Clock

awesome app :


by pianos|are|teeth — v1.2

United States, Sep 24, 2011

highly recommend this!

Sunrise Clock

great! :


by fakkhem — v1.2

United States, Sep 16, 2011

It’s great and fun!

Sunrise Clock

Tebrikler :


by Yusuff3f5 — v1.2

Turkey, 09-Sep-2011 Kendi alanında en iyisi, ücretsiz olması da cabası. Türkçe dil desteğini en yakın zamanda bekliyoruz.

Sunrise Clock

Muy buena!!!realmente recomendable xa usarla en fotografía :


by Chico74 — v1.2

Espana, 03-Sep-201

Sunrise Clock

Coco :


by Me1coco — v1.2

Espana, 02-Sep-2011

Permite aprovechar la mejor luz para fotografía

Sunrise Clock

Version 1.2 :


by Marymeek — v1.2

United States, Sep 1, 2011

Works extremely well on my iPad and is absolutely accurate for my precise location. However, the v. 1.2 will not load on my iPhone (O.S. 4.1). It appears to load momentarily but then reverts back to the iPhone starting page.

3D Zoo

complain :


by jasonalim28 — v1.0

Indonesia, 29-Aug-2011

i wear ipad2 but there is no sound come out, but great picture

Sunrise Clock

Very Useful :


by Traverler — v1.2

United States, Aug 27, 2011

This is a very nice app. I have found it very useful and helpful.

Sunrise Clock

Brilliant :


by Byron0512 — v1.2

United Kingdom, 12-Aug-2011

Works perfectly

3D Zoo

Cool app :


by 134th studios — v1.0

United States, Aug 7, 2011

My toddler likes it a lot. Just the noises and 3 d views of animals.

Sunrise Clock

Great reminder !!! :


by pelikay — v1.1

United States, Aug 6, 2011

The app works great. I have not had any crashing. It is very helpful during Ramadan and gives five separate alarms. I recommend it.

Sunrise Clock

Nice concept :


by Staticjunk — v1.1

United States, Aug 4, 2011

The concept of this app is great, to have an alarm for the sunrise. I would suggest two items: the actual alarm time should include the choice of Astro, Nautical or Civil so the user does not have to look it up then roll-dial it in, I want an alarm that wakes me up at sunrise without me having to look up what that time is. Second, add a 24hr option.

Sunrise Clock

Sunrise clock + :


by Oldsears — v1.1

Canada, 3-Aug-2011

Simple, smart and well presented.

Sunrise Clock

Beautiful Interface :


by bquin — v1.1

United States, Aug 1, 2011

But about 6 minutes off for my location (Evanston, IL). I can’t figure out why it is so off.

Hope the developer looks into this problem. Very useful, especially the month view.

Sunrise Clock

Works great :


by Scottymotech — v1.1

United States, Jun 20, 2011

I am suspect by all the reviews claiming crash. Worked great, manual location. No bait and switch like too many other apps. Suspect crash issue is either false reviews, or user error.

Sunrise Clock

Excellent App if I was a farmer… :


by KGBWerkZ420 — v1.1

United States, Jun 5, 2011


Sunrise Clock

I like it! Useful infos :


by elegraphy — v1.0

United States, Jun 3, 2011

The app works fine on my iPhone 4 iOS 4.3.1. No crash, works smoothly as the app finds my location right away. Very useful information for my family, because we always plan ahead for our whole day driving trip, so we like to know when to get up and prepare to hit the road before the highway gets busy.

My only request for this app is to have the option to update to No-Ad version. I am willing to pay $.99 to get it without ads.

Sunrise Clock

Working so far 2011-05-30 :


by My commentary — v1.0

United States, May 31, 2011

Does what it says. iPod 4 iOS 4.3.1 stock. Will report update if there are issues.

Sunrise Clock

U need to fix 24 huer :


by Mr_Skaven — v1.0

United States, May 31, 2011

Grate app but u neeeeedddd to fix 24huer support i live in Sweden and we dount us AM PM

Sunrise Clock

Sunrise clock :


by Boxfam — v1.0

Australia, 29-May-2011

Excellent app but please explain what the different terms used mean – civil, astronomical, nautical and how they impact us. Thanks

3D Zoo

3D立体可以动,孩子非常喜欢! : 3D stereo could move, the children very much!


by taotou — v1.0

China, 24-May-2011


3D stereo could move, the children very much! Cute animals again thank enough.


3D Zoo

唯一的好儿童。 : The only good children.


by 李从上海 — v1.0

China, 11-May-2011


This is just a child. They like it.


3D Zoo

One of the best app :


by Jett101 — v1.0

United States, May 10, 2011

Very good! Keep up the good work. Can’t wait for your new app.

3D Zoo

RF Senior :


by Arif عارف — v1.0

Pakistan, 07-May-2011

Great! My son loves this! 3D images are excellent. Easy for kids to use and have a great time with moving the animals around.

3D Zoo

Nice :


by Sahi1 — v1.0

United States, May 6, 2011

My kids love it. Specially the ability to move animals around is fun.

3D Zoo

Nice :


by Blazer81 — v1.0

United States, May 6, 2011

My kids love it. Specially the ability to move animals around is fun.

Sunrise Clock

いいね : Like


by — v





Sunrise Clock

Cool : Cool


by — v


If only you could apply it as lock screen it would have been the best

If only you could apply it as lock screen it would have been the best


3D Zoo

凄いいい‼ : Like Wow!


by — v





Two-year-old children delight! Best